How would owning the right domain impact your business? Do you own a brand? Would it help you get more traffic, stand out in a crowded marketplace, or wow your customers and clients with a catchy address? Domain names are the foundation of a successful online business.
Investing in a meaningful, memorable name can lend your business authority and is almost guaranteed to drive up your ROI. Don't miss the chance to own the right address for your business! Buy premium domain names for branding startups.

We cater entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporates who want to dominate their online marketplaces. Buy and sell domains in our marketplace or place a bid in our auctions. Yes, we provide DN consulting.



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Why Leasing?

Similar to a car lease, domain leasing gives a buyer (lessee) the right to temporarily use a domain name over a specified time period while making periodic lease payments to the seller (lessor). Most domain lease transactions have some option for the lessee to buy the domain name outright, either within the lease period or at the end of the lease term. Buyers can lease domain names to get access to premium (high value) names without the high upfront costs of normal sales.

Pricing — Lease / Rent @  $99 / month / domain.

Minimum Contract Period is 60 months (5 Years), Maximum Contract Period is 120 months (10 Years). Domain Lease handled by KEYSOME, Chennai.

5 reasons why leasing domain names is a great idea for end users

  1. Spend less money up front on a domain name, allowing funding to be spent on building the product or service and marketing it.

  2. Can work with the domain name owner to agree on a fair purchase price or lease to own deal for the domain name in the future, allowing an idea to be built out before committing the capital.

  3. If the business doesn’t work out, the domain name can be given back to the domain name owner without having to find another buyer for it.

  4. Business can be built and grown without having to spend a great sum of money at one time.

  5. There may be tax advantages depending on how you classify domain names.

Domain Lessors

Domain Name Leasing is an ideal solution for situations where a customer seeking use of a domain is not able to purchase the domain outright. Domain owners can provide managed leasing through which protects the interests of all stakeholders. The domain remains the property of the lessor while giving the lessee access to KEYSOME support as well as direct access to the domain through their KEYSOME control panel.


  1. Domain Lessor selects the domains to be leased and sets the terms for leasing as well as whether or not there is a purchase option.
  2. Domain Lessee leases the domain, and either funds their account or saves a payment method for use with monthly billing.
  3. Proceeds are deposited commission-free into the Lessor’s account, from where funds can be spent, or cashed out.

Domain Lessees

Domain Leasing is an ideal way to secure a premium domain without having to pay the entire cost. It is ideal for testing the water with a new idea, or to temporarily secure the domain while arranging funds for a future purchase of the domain via a purchase option for the domain.

How It Works

  • Search the domain you are interested in leasing
  • Review the lease terms and purchase option (if applicable)
  • Check out and pay for one or more months of leasing time
  • Monthly payments are automatically charged against your saved payment method


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