Should You Focus Content Writing on Keywords Only?

Thu, Jul 4, 2019

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You probably know that content strategy. Is key to building readership through search engine optimization. What you might not have heard is that focusing on keywords and search engines is one of the biggest mistakes most site owners make for their SEO strategy. Instead of keywords, you should be focusing on search trends, user Interests, and what’s hot in your Industry.

Should You Focus Content Writing on Keywords Only?

Just because you shouldn’t focus on keywords only doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a strategy. Most site owners make the mistake of finding keywords and then building content around these phrases. Thousands of other website owners and competitors have already done the same thing, however, and having thousands of other pages with the same focus increases your competition and dilutes the value of your content.

What Is a Good Keyword Strategy?

The keywords you want are the ones that haven’t even become a keyword statistic yet, so you have little competition. For example, the term “WannaCry” was never a search phrase until hackers released the new ransom ware application on the Internet to extort money from hapless victims it became a trend as more and more users searched for Information about the ransom ware If you were the owner of a cyber-security site, you could write about WannaCry and use it as your keyword strategy even though it never showed in search.

Adwords as a common search term until recently. When you build a keyword strategy, research trends and figure out what Is new but hot In your Industry. You might not find something good to write about every day, but you should be able to find something reasonably trendy every week. You can spin one keyword into multiple different topics, so you aren’t limited to one article with one keyword phrase. Just one phrase can be the focus of several of your articles as long as you feel it will attract visitors Just remember that It’s about your readers, not search engines.

Why Keywords Matter?

As you write naturally, those phrases will build naturally into your content, so you don’t even need to focus fully on the phrases What is a Bad Keyword Strategy? A bad keyword strategy is anything that focuses only on search engines the result Is a keyword-stuffed article that sounds machine generated and sloppy. In extreme cases, search engines might manually Impose a pure-spam penalty on the site The only way to get out of it is to rewrite the content or delete it altogether. You should in noway allow a machine to generate your content, as search engines have become adept at Identifying such tactics.

Here’s 3 important tips newbies forget about:

  1. Original Content Matters
  2. Research valuable keywords that are less competitive.
  3. Add backlinks from other sites and social media
  4. Timing is key, don’t forget the clock!

Even worse, your readers will pick up on the poor writing and leave your site. Your user engagement falls, and this means fewer customers and a weak following. When you focus too much on keywords and search engines, yo we no longer considering your readers, who will not hesitate to complain about poorly written content. It’s the worse SEO content strategy you can have for your site. When you prepare your content strategy.

It’s beneficial to find common phrases but always write on user interests Search engines will take notice if people stay engaged on your site and share content either through social media or other back links More site traffic should be your primary goal because this tums into better ad revenue or customer sales. Your strategy should be to accommodate your user search engine rank will naturally follow. Keywords are great to find new topics for fresh content, but it should never be the focus of your site. Always make user engagement your top priority.