Will Your Ego Let You Be

Thu, Mar 22, 2018

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Wanted to write a nice post about competition and contemplating about it for a brief span of time. Competition is a fugazzi. You can never be #1. Even if you try to #1, chances are you will be out beaten the next round. Even before you realize, you may never feel #1. Because there is nothing priceless that money can't buy. Even if you own the best luxury yacht in the world, someone is going to add few extra meters to compensate their ego to make it cover page on some magazine. Competition in life is relatable to search rankings. A good parallel, perhaps?

Will Your Ego Let You Be

In search most companies make the big mistake of focus on Competition. But, they ignore the honest need to make a website rank #1 in Google/Bing – Conversion. When companies forget the necessity is to bring business and focus on working around keywords, keywords and keywords alone, people lose context. A big advice to all SEO companies out there - Stop writing for Google, and make relevance.

The next big trend in search business is voice search. Thanks to Amazon, Google and Apple with their brilliant feature of voice recognition APIs. Having worked for many years on the conversational layer, and a happy to have released a product which integrates with many channels, we are moving our focus next on voice search.

The concept is nothing different except, understanding how people use the products of the above companies and work on conversational layer. Realizing how people search using auto-complete in desktop/keyboard Vs. how people query a search using their voice is completely different strategy. Most of the people ask Siri/OkGoogle/Alexa very unique questions, and its a challenge to spot these trends and make “keywords” out of these searches.

Buyer beware - Many use black hat SEO techniques to gain easy rankings. One company used multiple business pins around the city for the same business, and tweaked Google's “Nearest restaurant” function to prompt online deliveries for his business. Highly unethical, and the business was banned from Google! Whenever people spot an opportunity, they try exploiting, gaming the system and beating competition. Do you think you could be always #1? NO!

You must be absolutely crazy to spend a whole amount of money to keep you status quo. Most of us can't afford to buy a luxury car. And, the rich man's advice is to buy three! While all the 3 cars lie outside the door like a slipper on the porch. Most of us can't afford to buy a plane ticket. And, a rich man's advice is to buy a jet! Bad advice! Stop believing you have to spend to make more. Wrong! Start living a simple life and focus on making a better living for a generation to come. Being selfish about ranking #1 makes one a kid, and the price you pay for it is always heavy. Moral - Your ego will destroy you. Thanks for reading. HIT REPLY!