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Here's what we don't do..

We don't burn your $s for PPC Campaigns.

We don't sell SEO links.

We don't solicit offers from clients who are impatient.

It takes hours of labor, and process to work it as a success, & repeated efforts at a frequecny the client expects.

If your budget is too low, don't think of doing SEO. What comes cheap, doesn't last.

SEO is not a one time job!

If you want #1 ranking, at fraction of the cost that is presently in the market, don't call us.

If you want to #1 on Google/Bing, but want it delivered by tommrrow, don't write back to us.

If you think adwords is cheaper, think about burning a dollar for every useless click.

If you believe in KEYSOME, and think they will do a better job, here's an offer code TWENTY20. Get 20% discount * No strings attached.

8 Months is all we ask!
Give us a try, and see natural traffic grow month on month.


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