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SEO is not a one time job!

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Page Optimization

Optimize both the content and HTML source code of individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

  • Title Tags – Optimizing web page titles is one of the most important on-page ranking factors
  • Meta Description – A short description to help you stand out in search results & improve click-through rate
  • H1, H2, H3 tags – Heading & sub-heading tags that tell search engines about your page’s content
  • Image Alt Tags – ALT image tags help search engines understand your page’s content
  • Schema Markup – Schema markup helps search engines understand your content better
  • Number of Pages – The number of unique pages that will be optimized
  • Keyword Research – Analysis used to identify which keywords to target with SEO effort

Off-Site SEO

The actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages

  • Off-Page Strategy – Identify SEO content type opportunities to drive organic traffic to your site
  • Forum Marketing – The most powerful way to engage and drive traffic to your website: sharing relevant content in online forums.
  • Backlink analysis – Analyze your backlink profile to find out which links are valuable to keep or not

Technical Site Optimization

Give your site a strong, technical SEO foundation so your content has the best chance to rank for relevant keywords and phrases

  • Site SEO Audit – Analysis of important technical factors that determine your site’s search ranking
  • Index Optimization – Proper site “index-ability” helps search engines crawl & index your web pages
  • XML Sitemap – An XML sitemap helps search engines find and list each page of your website
  • Robots.txt – Robots.txt files give instructions to web robots whether or not to crawl a site page
  • Compress Images – Compress site images to boost your web pages load time
  • HTTPS Set-Up – HTTPS is a ranking signal because it makes sure your website uses secure, encrypted connections
  • Penalty Removal – Diagnose & fix issues causing ranking penalties in order to quickly regain search traffic

Competitor Analysis

Deeply understanding your competitors is key to effective goals and can reveal opportunities, gaps and blind spots

  • # of Competitors – The number of competitors that will be analyzed
  • Backlink Analysis – Understand your competitor’s backlinks to identify websites to target for link building efforts
  • Keyword Analysis – Analyze your competitors’ keywords to identify which keywords boost their search ranking
  • Content Analysis – Analyze your competitors’ content to understand what gains the most comments & shares

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